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Checklist Veterinary Instructions
  Downloadable Forms  
  Following are links to all of the necessary forms for downloading and printing for each of the four options for participation in this study. An easy way to review the options is to go to the Checklist which provides details about each. Other enclosures are listed in the grid as a courtesy.  
Forms Option #1 Option #2 Paperwork Option
A Cover Sheet
B Veterinary Instructions
C Checklist/Matrix
D Questionnaire
E Test Request Form
F DNA Informed Consent
G US Customs Explanatory Letter (If from outside the USA.)
H OFA Application for Thyroid Database
  Copy of Existing Complete Thyroid Panel Performed within previous 6 months    
  Check to Hemopet $80 US $112 US
  Check to OFA   $15 US
  If you have any questions or need help with these forms, contact Florence Blecher at browndogz@sbcglobal.net